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Here is a list of the most popular applications which make it easy to write correctly formatted scripts. We recommend you use the free trials before buying or settling on one tool.

Celtx is a popular, free tool, but desktop version is no longer supported. Ok to start, but recommend one of the others if you are serious.…

Fade In Pro, a relative “newcomer” to the field, is gaining popularity and it’s only 50 bucks:

Final Draft — most widely known (and probably used) tool:

Movie Maker Screenwriter: Very popular also, more so with TV writers

ScreenWriting Pro – a web-based tool:

Trelby, another free software package.…
Haven’t used this, so no comments yet. Review here:

MovieDraft, under $50:

Adobe’s Story Free is available to users of other Adobe products:…

Scrivener is a low-cost general purpose writing app with screenwriting features. It provides a wide variety of tools to help with the process of writing.

Highland, Mac-only app from screenwriter John August’s team. http://quoteunquoteap…

Slugline: A slick, clean editor for Mac. Built on Fountain…

A review of 5 screenwriting apps under $50:

You should also check out Fountain, a plain-text format for writing screenplays. For some, it makes it easier to actually type the script, since the format is simply text. You just type a script using very simple format rules. You’ll still need an application to view and create the “printable” script format. Most of the major applications will import Fountain.…

A sampling of the many books on screenwriting.

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field
Considered by many THE first word in screenwriting. But, not by all.…

The Screenwriter’s Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script by David Trottier
The title says it all. Appears to be highly regarded by those in the field. What’s the right way to do a montage? What about if two people are talking at the same time? Beyond the basics (which it covers in detail), these are the kinds of questions it answers. Highly recommended.…

Save the Cat! (and Save the Cat Strikes Back) by Blake Snyder
Out of all the books I’ve read, Blake’s have resonated most. He has a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense approach. He also has very specific ideas about screenplay structure, and as a newbie, I found those constraints have helped me focus. – Nick…

Writing Screenplays That Sell by Michael Hauge
The first book I read. It was a great introduction to the craft. Very accessible.…

Now Write! Screenwriting by Sherry Ellis and Laurie Lamson
Terrific for jumpstarting ideas and inspiration. It’s a collection of tips from a slew of accomplished screenwriters and others.…

How Not to Write a Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make by Denny Martin Flinn
A great complement to the Screenwriter’s Bible.…

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, by Christopher Vogler, a screenwriter who was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. This popular book describes how to adapt Campbell’s ideas to writing, and screenwriting in particular.…

Amazon’s Top Sellers in “Screenwriting”

ScriptNotes Podcast: John August and Craig Mazin – HIGHLY recommended. Tons of valuable insights and info from two working and successful screenwriters. It’s like having two buddies in the business.
The Narrative Breakdown
On The Page
Million Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini Movie Method

My Blank Page by Mark Sanderson, @ScriptCat
Corey Mandell’s blog
The “Cocked Eyed Caravan” blog
Cracking Yarns – lots of good advice from Down Under

Writers Guild of America, West
Film and TV Production info on
Stage 32, online social network
International Screenwriters Association

Training, Schools, and More
Great “How to” from The Script Lab
UCLA Extension Writers’ Program offers online screenwriting courses

Other Local Groups
Atlanta Screenwriters Group, affiliated with Atlanta Film Festival
Working Title Playwrights, for those who are interested in writing for the stage

Online Resources
Done Deal Pro – popular discussion list, an extensive question/answer bank from John August’s team
How to guides from ScriptFrenzy
Resources from Dave Trottier, author of the Screenwriter’s Bible
How to Write a Screenplay: Introduction to Screenwriting from the Script Lab

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More ideas and recommendations on this Quora page:…

Great list of publications, organizations, and lots more

Lots of helpful articles and ideas from Marilyn Horowitz

Another good list of resources Fun site with numerous automated tools to create scenes, characters, dialog, and more. Great for writer’s block!