Group Information

ASA is dedicated to the craft of screenwriting – creating spec screenplays for film, television, web and other channels. The group is a participatory, hands-on forum for screenwriters at all levels, from beginners to pros.

We provide a variety of ways for members to improve their skills in a supportive group. The ultimate goal is to help members create marketable scripts. We also provide a great forum for networking with others in the industry.

In addition to table reads of member scripts with moderated critiques, we provide hands-on workshops and other ways to improve your skills.

About Our Meetings

Our meeting agendas are designed to help writers at all levels and to explore all facets of screenwriting.

Meeting activities vary, but include informal pitch fests, Studio sessions (in-depth discussions about scripts), Table Readings, presentations on specific topics, guest speakers, and more.


The group is lead by a team of volunteers who are passionate about the screenwriting craft. All members are encouraged to take an active role in the group by offering feedback, leading sessions, and other contributions. Reach out to an organizer to get involved.


Respect – Cooperation – Trust – Honesty – Maturity

Supporting Different Viewpoints

The purpose of Atlanta Screenwriters Anonymous is to focus on the craft of screenwriting and to help our writers achieve their personal goals. We aim to foster a friendly, non-judgmental environment, open to a wide range of topics and various points of view. We do not censor based on subject matter, unless it would exceed an R rating.

Given this approach, we understand that not all members will have shared viewpoints. It is perfectly acceptable for members to not attend a meeting or to leave a meeting if the material being discussed does not reflect their own personal interests, beliefs, or values.

However, it is inappropriate to use our group to push personal viewpoints on other members. The focus should always be on the work itself, and helping members write commercially viable scripts, regardless of the topic.

We encompass a rich group of people working to create original works of art. We treat each other as we wish to be treated and respect different points of view.